Cleanis About page


Cleanis is a lifestyle brand created around its product namesake. A novelty soap shaped like something that rhymes with Cleanis. Yes, a Cleanis makes a perfect bachelorette gift, bachelorX2 gift, gag gift, etc. You get the idea right? A Cleanis is sexy, penis shaped soap that comes in a rainbow of six wonderful colors and scents.

Mon Cherry, Orangeasm, Largely Lemon, Limey Peter, Blueball Berry and Grape Escape. Each Cleanis stands eight ounces at full mast and is made in the USA. Cleanis is soap and therefore is external use only. That being said, Cleanises smell good enough to eat and are made from coconut oil.


Of course Cleanis is so much more than soap, it’s fun! When is the last time you woke up on a Monday morning, got in the shower and actually had your soap make you smile? I’m guessing never (unless you already have a Cleanis). Get a Cleanis and you won’t dread Monday mornings anymore. In fact, you’ll look forward to bathing as much as possible (and perhaps with as many as possible you sly sexy fox you).

If that’s not enough, be sure to check out Blueball Berry, our 6’ 6” Cleanis mascot. He’s kind of like our version of Ronald McDonald, the only difference being Blueball isn’t some giant corporation’s sellout clown. He’s his own self, a proud friendly giant blue penis that loves hugs.


It’s pretty clear that the folks behind Cleanis have far more in mind than just selling penis soap. They want to make you laugh. As they say, “Cleanis is the soap that’s always happy to see you!”

Cleanis started in the summer of 2015 with a successful Kickstarter campaign. Their campaign video has garnered over 17k views on YoutTube. In just three short minutes you get exactly where they are coming from as a brand. It’s all about fun.

Matt Kline – Erector Director

matt-and-blueball-200h matt-unicorn-cleanis

“Hey, you’re the penis soap guy right?!” Matt’s happy to answer, “Yes!” Of course he is, after having spent years in cubes working for other people. Matt now has one objective, has as much fun as possible.

His idea for success is simple, make you laugh. After all, Cleanis penis soap is nothing if not fun. Matt enjoys playing a really poor brand of hockey, trying his best to make lamb vindaloo at home and being a DJ on Bozeman’s local freeform radio station KGLT.