Naughty Santa, you got me a Cleanis, that’s so nice!

Are you still looking for the perfect stocking stuffer for your loved one? Have they been naughty or nice this year? Guess what, with a Cleanis it doesn’t matter!  A Cleanis is the sexy way to tell someone just how much you love them this Xmas. Just picture Christmas morning and the look on their face when they see that oddly familiar shape poking out of the toe of their stocking.

Now imagine their anticipation as they get closer to discovering just what it is and the smile on both of your faces. You’re not giving someone you love a bar of soap, or a sex toy. You’re giving them something much more meaningful, a fun memory that will last forever.

So what can you do when you first open you Cleanis? Here are a few ideas…

Whatever you decide to do with your Cleanis this Christmas always remember it’s all about fun (and external use only). One of our favorite Cleanis Party Games is called Unicorn and you could play it with ribbons and bows for a new holiday tradition.

The holidays can be stressful and we want to help you relieve that stress through some clean, sexy fun. To that end (no pun intended) it’s perfectly okay to get a Cleanis for yourself this Christmas. Put it in your stocking and make like Santa knew exactly what you wanted this year. Something that would make you smile every morning when you jump in the shower.

Remember when placing your Cleanis into the stocking, put it in first and have some heavier items pressing down upon it for maximum effect 🙂

We’d love to see pictures of your Cleanis stuffed stockings so please share them on social media with #cleanis

In fact, please share your pics both before the stocking is opened and any pics of the fun you have with your Cleanis that day. If you’re buying a Christmas Cleanis we know you have a great sense of humor and imagination 🙂


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